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Matt: It’s so funny we (him & Karen) were at..someones house the other day weren’t we?
Karen: Oh yep!
Matt: And you saw this Spice Girls poster and Karen literally got on her knees and was like “Oh my god I recognise every signature!”

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“We didn’t have any paints in the house when I was younger, but I would do collage. I would collect advertisements, rip them up, and then paste them together. That was the beginning of it. After that, I did photography, and then painting and sculpting. I began to realise how important it is to express yourself, and not be afraid of making mistakes – as mistakes often make something special and unique.”Lucy Liu

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What is my life?

I just graduated with a BS in psychology and I am super excited to start out my busy life.  Although, I have to say it’s all been a bit chaotic so far.  I realize nothing is absolute, but I wish something would be constant…Aside from my 15 month lease with 4 roommates…3 of which drive me bonkers, but ohwell what can you do?